View our special hand-chosen pieces offered from Pamela to benefit The Beautiful Project.

All proceeds benefit these projects around the world.


Giving Back through the Gift of Art

One piece of art can enrich lives in so many ways and creating art can bring such a sense of joy. A piece can go out into the world and bring fulfillment to homes and offices for years to come, creating a ripple effect for everyone it touches. Inspired by this, I’m inviting you to help create and be a recipient of the ripple effect. I’ve chosen select art pieces with 100% of sales proceeds benefiting The Beautiful Project, whose mission is to provide opportunities for healing, transformation, and self-empowerment for underprivileged children and adults through the practice of creating art. 


Read more here to see, specifically, how your purchase this year 2021 will benefit The Beautiful Project.



Small Original Paintings 

Original Mini Paintings - 6"x 6"

Medium and Large Paintings

Custom Original Paintings

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